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On this page, we try to show you some of the websites we have designed for our customers -- both reenacting units and businesses! Each of these sites has been made for differing criteria, whether it is reenactor group recruiting, small business information or simply to connect alumni to one another. It doesn't matter what the need is, Sturmkatze is ready to help with the solution!

We are quite proud of our work and hope you will give these websites a look! If you see a feature on one of them that you would like on your website, please contact us for a quote! We will be happy to work with you to give your site the look and functionality you desire.

Among the things you will notice is that we try to give each site a "feel" rather than just be a cold website. Ambiance adds a lot to the web experience and most visitors seem to enjoy it. We also work to make the sites we build load as quick as possible.

Anyway, please visit these websites to see examples of the kind of work that we can do for you!

1st Continental Regt. of Foot --Website facelift and overhaul. Used component technology, and image compression, along with layout redesign and site organization.

History Made Alive!--Built using component technology and a simple layout so that the owner could update it himself (we taught him some and he learned Adobe GoLive to do so). Simple truly IS better.

AHS Alumni -- A website we did for my high school alumni's website. Built using a Forum and portal technology. It has the ability for member staff to update the site without needing to know HTML coding. This website also has a photo gallery and a "chat" feature.

Ludis Militis--A website for a group of Roman reenactors and scholars. A show case for their research on Roman drill and other studies. Built using a Forum and portal technology. It has the ability for member staff to update the site without needing to know HTML coding.

F&R Travel

F&R International Travel -- [link is just to show site -- the business is currently on "hold"] This a website for a business that specializes in unique itineraries for small groups, couples and individuals that are designed to be ecologically and culturally sensitive, while still being unique adventures. We did this as a "Face-Lift" site -- the owner was unhappy with what he had and we worked closely with him to give it the look and feel he wanted. Component technology, "rollover" image menus and image optimization were a start. We also reorganized the site for better administration and maintenance! Ask us how we can help your site!

VAQ-33 -- A website for my former Navy Squadron. Incorporates component technology, and image compression, along with layout innovation. This website had originally been done on Webspawner and the webmaster had trouble keeping it up and also had long load-times -- we fixed this for him!This is a very simple website, not über high-tech! Sometimes the simplest are the best!

151ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne! -- A WWI French unit's website. Built using "component technology" (wow, sounds like Star Trek or something doesn't it... "Borg Technology"). Anyway, the 151RLI site is a multi-level website with a lot of photographs, information and multi- media elements!

The San Luis Obispo Gem & Mineral Club--A website for a Gem and Mineral club in California. Built with "component technology" along with templates so as to allow a club member to run and update the site. It had to be simple, bulletproof and allow easy updating.

1st Soviet Airborne Guards -- A website built for a Soviet WWII reenacting group in California. Another 5 page website, built using components and CSS stylesheets. This site is built to grow and grow without a lot of hassles.

Infanterie-Regiment 23 -- a WWI historical Reenactment unit out of Pennsylvania. Okay, it's another of my unit websites, but it's here to show what can be done. This site that is "never finished." Componants, forum, css, etc.

Page updated: Sunday, July 13, 2014

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