Do You Need a Website?

Yes, your unit DOES need a website! Competition for "recruits" can be intense and having a unit website will give you an edge by making your group appear more serious, devoted and authentic -- professional too. Furthermore, a website for a living history group is a very effective way to deliver information to their members and also, at the same time, educate the public about your group and who you are portraying.  It's cheaper than a newsletter and more effective!

One of the truly great things about a website for a reenacting unit is the ability to put your unit's assets "out front." It's also a good place to let the new recruit know what the unit is "about..." For example, if you're a "hardcore" group, you can let the potential member know this. Conversely, if you're a family-oriented or Christian group, you can also use the website to put out that message too.

  • At Sturmkatze, we offer a complete range of web design services, including scanning of photos/images and we can also create unique and attractive graphics that will make your website stand-out from its competitors.

  • We can do a website for any living history era or impression.

  • We provide support for your page after it's designed -- we won't just leave you hanging!

  • We can host your site on our server or, if you already have webspace somewhere,

  • we can put your site on that server for you. 

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