Reenactor Unit Websites -- Pricing

A good reenactor unit starter site would be something like this:

  • Main or home page -- This can be simple or it can have a lot of information, usually simple is better.

  • "Who we are" page -- This page is SO necessary, but yet so many reenacting websites don't have one. You need to tell the visitor (and potential recruit) about your unit. If your unit is a "hardcore" group and very exacting or if you're family and Christian orientated, this is the place to let 'em know. This is very important!

  • Photo Gallery -- people love to see photos, especially color photos which make a bygone era come alive! Ask us about our "Photo Gallery special."

  • Upcoming Events / After-Action Reports

  • "How to Join" page -- this is important! Most units are recruiting on the Internet now and they are grabbing the good recruits first. (you can put kit lists here if needed until you make a separate section for them)

  • A "Links" page (everyone likes to see them AND it will get your site linked to other websites, which gets you visitors!)

Basic Web Presence:

One (1) page, unit logo (you provide art), 1 photo*, up to three links plus a contact link: $300.00

Package 2

Three (3) pages, logo (you provide art), a navigation bar, up to three links per page, plus a contact link, photo page (up to 9 photos*, w/ thumbnail links): $500.00

Package 3

Five (5) pages, logo, navigation bar, up to five (5) links per page, plus a contact link. Three (3) photos* per page: $700.00

*Photos must be provided in electronic format -- if we have to scan them, there will be an additional charge.

Additional Items

  • Additional Pages: $50.00 or three pages for $130.00

  • Scanning Photographs: $35.00 per ½ hour scan time (billed in half hour increments, with a ½ hour minimum)

  • Photograph retouching: $95.00 per hour

  • Logo Work/Art Services: $100.00 per hour

  • Upgrades -- Do you want to add something to your site? Make it more interactive? Create new areas for your site? Let us add new features!

  • Website Rescue -- What if you've already spent good money on a site and it just isn't working? Let us help you repair a web disaster

  • For Web Consulting, straight graphics creation, website face-lift or revamp, or variations on the above packages please e-mail us.

Site Maintenance

  • We are currently working on this to get the best plan and pricing possible for you! Sorry it's not active yet.

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